FPse PS1 Emulator Ported to Android

Definitely excited about this, although i bought psx4droid this developer seems to care alot more about supporting us. also i saw him playing with a ps3 controller and hope that will be implemented. And of course theres metal slug x:)
Same. Not only was there the "pay for upgrade" fiasco with PSX4Droid V2, but it hasn't been updated from 1.1.2 in a long time... unfortunately, V1 worked better for me but I didn't back up that APK.

Eagerly awaiting reviews of this new emulator.
Guyz need some help here how can i save state on my psx droid?plz reply or pm me as soon as possible thanks

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Need Help Saving Games

same here i dont know how to save and or load
This is great! I'll be waiting for a bit to find out how well it runs, and how much support it is given. Will definitely pay if we can use a ps3 controller to play.
how do i load the bios? where do i go for that ?! sorry man im just super lost
you go to the menu and press 'system' and press 'bios loading' then it allows you to select your bios from a folder on the sdcard