FontFly Aroma Font Installer!


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you love fonts and would like to be able to change the fonts on your Android device you can now do this via the Aroma installer thanks to "FontFly" by developer "xminirom"! Some roms come with custom fonts, but for the most part you would have to flash these custom fonts one by one in clockwork mod recovery. FontFly brings you the ability to change between fonts via the Aroma Installer. This gives you plenty of options. You can use this on any Android device since all fonts are stored in system/fonts within Android. This will overwrite your current stock font with the custom font of your choosing. To use this you must be on a custom rom with custom recovery installed. Just copy the FontFly file to your SDcard, boot into recovery, choose install zip from recovery, choose the fontfly zip file, aroma will start, you can follow the onscreen instructions from there. The font list is super long head to the link below for more info and the download.