Flash lite??


Apr 4, 2010
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does the moto droid have flash lite bc my droid is rooted running ss v3.1 and i went on the same website as my neighbor did and he has a htc hero and his webpage looked like an actual web page and it played videos on screen not with the dedicated youtube player and mine showed a watered down site. wheres the justice in that
To the best of my knowledge there is no Android phone yet with Flash. Flash is coming this quarter but nobody knows when.
HTC Sense has version of flash that they made them selfs I think they made it them selfs atleast that gives them minor flash support
Yea I know for a fact the htc desire has flash lite. The htc rom also has flash lite
Adobe Flash Lite is a lightweight version of Adobe Flash Player, a software application published by Adobe Systems. This version is intended for mobile phones and other portable electronic devices like Chumby and iRiver, and allows users of these devices to view multimedia content and applications developed using Adobe's Flash tools, which had previously been available only on personal computers.