Flash, 2.2, froyo, hulu??? oh vey


Feb 26, 2010
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So, I've been admitedly out of the loop for a while. Mainly because after I rooted my phone, I heard some rumor that 2.1.1 would have flash so I stocked it, updated, and found out the rumor was a LIE!!! Then, I planned to go back and got lazy. I did a lot of reading and as soon as I think I have the answer to my question, I read something contradictory to what I just read. And I really have no idea of WHAT froyo is. I have a lot of info on how to use it and add it to the phone, but I have no clue what it is. I thought it was similar to like a bugless beast or nandroid or something, but now I'm not even sure I know what those are anymore. (sticky thread overload).

So, my question, simply, is this. On a NON rooted phone, is flash available? If so how? If not when (if applicable). Thanks in advance.
The only way you can get any type of flash on stock 2.1 is to use the skyfire browser.

Froyo fyi is 2.2. The release that is leaked at this time comes with root.

2.2 Will be released in August and then you will be able to get flash.
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Well since i like the afro Ima get you up to speed.

The CellZealot, P3, and MDW have the foryo that will be released in august. They modified it to allow root access.

The froyo 2 weeks ago was a test version which was smooth but has some minor issues (maps not updating), but it allowed you to add adobe flash, and tether through the phone.

Well this released is a polished version that is smooth and fast. And with p3 1000 or up kernels the thing just flies. You can install adobe flash apk after the 2.2. It allows some apps to be installed on the sdcard. To install check out "even more froyo" thread.

If you are going to install make sure you have a 60% battery, wipe data and cache. And before installing a o/c kernel make a nandroid backup first incase you have bootloops. I would recommend starting with a 1ghz kernel and slowly increase if you feel you need to o/c higher then 1ghz.
You will need 2.2 (OTA) on a non rooted phone to view flash. Other option is to root.
so if I'm being lazy, my best option is to wait until august?

I like the performance increase, but if that is not important to you, or if oc or wifi tethering is not your cup of tea...then waiting is the best option.
I like the wifi tethering option, but I wouldn't practically use it. Not now anyway. Flash is the only real world app that I'd actually utilize I think. And that's for all the embeded vimeo stuff on hellaflush/riskydevil/stanceworks...etc. Outside of that, my job doesn't allow me the time use my phone like i'd like to...or anything else for that matter. lol.
Skyfire is the only way I know for 2.1. Look, at the guide in my sig for how to watch videos online

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I must say it, once you play with adobe flash, skyfire seems...useless. Heck the best browser for flash is:

1) Dolphin Browser HD, with the option to decide if you want the content by clicking the green arrow on the webpage, it is hands down the smoothest browser for flash. I was able to watch ninja assassin on amazon through my droid. It did not work to well on Xscope, but I have not tried it in xscope since the recent update.

2) Xscope: its better then dolphin as far as loading pages and user content. But it is a step below as far as handling flash (again this is based off of opinion before the update). Its very useful for its task killing features.

3) Browser: for just basic internet browsing, it does its job. I use the basic browser for downloading files, or for basic internet browser

Skyfire: I do not use anymore because of flash.