Flaky reception .. return?


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Jul 25, 2010
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I recently bought a used Moto Droid (Verizon) on eBay. I love the phone, but I think its cell reception is really odd.

I live in a major metropolitan area that Verizon reports is covered by 3G, yet inside (and outside) my home, the 3g indicator is rarely lit, or will flicker on for a moment, then off.

I've had many phones in this house, and none of them have had problems .. usually had around 3 bars. The Droid is not so lucky, upon boot, the Droid will show 3g briefly, drop to 1 bar, drop to "1x" .. then finally flip to roaming and stay there.

That'd be fine if the phone consistently received calls. I've placed a few dozen test calls (using a land line) .. about half of them never ring the phone. Again, that was NOT a problem with any other phone I've ever had with Verizon at my house.

I do love the Droid .. so the question is: Are all Droids that bad? Should I return this one, and try another one on eBay? -- Is there some diagnostic or app that could help explain this issue?

Did you do a complete reset? and droids are not bad but they could become messed up on the inside with the circuit board which would mean you would need a new one.
I did not do a "complete reset" .. although the phone looked very "default" when I first got it.

If a "complete reset" would possibly help, I'd certainly do it. How is it done?
Ok this is how you do it. Turn the phone off, while it is off open it and hold X while holding X press and hold the power button. Keep holding it till you get to a screen that has a triangle caution thing you can stop holding X and the power key. Press the volume up and camera key then while the phone is open use the key pad to go to factory reset. Hope this helps
Try dialing *228 and reprogram your phone. If you have issues call the VZW customer service.

I suppose I should have mentioned .. I've done *228 (2) a couple times now which has been successful, yet the poor reception remains.

Also .. I would be hesitant to call Verizon, as this phone was purchased off eBay.

So: Anyone else think a factory reset would help this issue?
I am having similar reception issues with the Moto droid. VZ is sending me the third replacement to see if the hardware is defective... however, I have found many other people that have similar reception experience with these devices... Maybe they need an external antennae like the old microtacs...
Maybe they need an external antennae like the old microtacs...

Doubt that is needed.... If the reception is poor at your home you might need a network extender.
I've also been having some issues.

For the most part I chalk it up to all the activations on the network with the x launching, but is it possible the metal of the phone might actually be interfering? I don't see how it could be the cause since it made it through testing, but I'm running out of ideas.