First GamePlay Trailer Video of Gameloft's 'Wild Blood' Game; Game Coming Soon


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Dec 30, 2010
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A couple of weeks ago, we shared a teaser trailer to Gameloft's new Unreal Engine powered game, titled "Wild Blood." This was the second little hint they shared about the game. Now they have released their first gameplay trailer for the game which reveals a little bit more of the mystery. The game looks to be a fun fantasy action hack and slash, similar to Diablo. Supposedly, the game will be coming soon to Android & iOS.

Source: Gameloft's YouTube Upload
I have played PC games since Doom, and this is nothing special, most of these developers have forgotten, it's all about the game play, not about those pretty graphics. My favorite and still "for me" , best all time PC game was and still is Quake II for FPS games, and SC for strategy, not to crazy about single player games "they get boring real fast".