First Droid X battery charge


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Dec 24, 2010
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Temecula, CA
My Droid X will arrive tomorrow. Does it matter how I charge the battery for the first time? I did a search but saw conflicting information.

I'm assuming I should charge the battery to 100% before I use it. Should I use the phone until the battery is fully consumed or should I re-charge it when it reaches some particular battery level?
Personally I think it doesn't really matter just every once in a while drain your battery fully like every two months...and even that isn't needed lol

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It does not matter. It is not the type of battery that needs to be trained. You can do anything you want with it!

Enjoy your new phone!
When I first got mine, I did end up fully draining the battery first... but JUST BECAUSE I was too darn excited to NOT use it immediately... lol!
Charge it to 100% and then recharge it when it hits 20% or when it tells you too. Done. End of story. dancedroid