Firmware update: does it work on a rooted phone?


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Jan 7, 2012
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I just got an OTA message for the firmware update. I have already unlocked and rooted my phone.

How do I apply the firmware update?

Do I have to return the phone back to stock (no clue how to do that) then apply the update, then re-unlock and re-root it?

Has anyone with a rooted Rezound had success in applying the latest firmware update?

Rooted is fine, unlocked is fine. You must have stock recovery, stock os, no frozen or removed stock apps.
I removed all the Verizon bloatware. Did not make backups.

Now what?
So you actually uninstalled, not just used the cleantool or froze? If so, pretty sure you have 2 options:
1) Install the RUU (FileFactory Folder view - Vigor). Those are 3 different versions of the stock OS. You can also go to HTC and download I think. That link is from the xda forum. If you install the 2.0 one then you won't need the update anymore as it is the update. Downside is you will lose all your data when installing RUU.

2) Install a ROM with the update cooked in.

You may also be able to do a factory reset but don't think that will restore the uninstalled apps.
I'm in the same boat. Clockwork recovery, and some apps removed. So, if you don't mind, I have a couple questions.

How do you restore the recovery and what do I do with the RUU file I'm downloading? (BTW, thank you for linking it.)


** EDIT ** Oh, I see the RUU is an EXE. Have to find a Windows machine :-/

What about the recovery though?
To restore recovery you'll need a copy. Think xda forums have it if you search for Use fastboot to flash it(let me know if you need help on this).

The ruu can be installed by just running the downloaded program with your phone connected to your pc. Think yiu need to relock for it to install but can unlock again after

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Can't re-root :(

Well. I finally got around to it tonight.

I used the newest RUU, unlocked, verified unlock and tried running the one click root and it does its thing but errors out on copying the files ro filesystem.
One click root wont work. You need to install a custom recovery and root that way. Amon Ra recovery is probably the easiest, and has rooting built into it.
Thanks. I got Amon Ra flashed. Unfamiliar with it though. Not sure how to go about using it to root.
Hi, it's me again.

I finally found the time to fix this huge problem. Every day my rezound tries to download (OTA) the new update, then apply it.....then the phone gets bricked until I pull the battery and power on...then the phone is fine.

I'm a real noob at this....I'm a businessman and don't know much about phones etc. I just wanted to root for better battery life and less intrusion by Verizon. Down with corporate America etc.

Was wondering if you guys could take a second to explain what exactly I need to do?

I have been reading this thread, and apparently Verizon blocked the one-click update with the new update?


<<edit>> I have deleted all of the bloatware (Facebook etc) on my rezound. I did not "freeze" it.