"Find the animal" - New android game


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Nov 10, 2013
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Find the animal

Download from here


Download from here

Many years people were developing these similar games, but none of them though of doing it extremely hard and more challenging for the players !
Today we bring you the classical game Find the animal, but extremely hard and impossible to beat.
Can you guess in which cup hides the animal face ? and be warned the cups can move really fast,change colors, and the maximum size of cups number is 7 and NOT 3 !
• Save the game after every 10 levels so you can continue from checkpoint.
• You can create your own custom game (cups number,switches the number and game speed).
• You have the ability to save your score on a global high-score.
• Cups changes color while moving.
• Max number of cups is 7 (on normal mode, or infinite on costume mode).
• Each 10 levels 1 cup will be added.
• Ability to share your highest score over Facebook.
• Supports all devices including tablets and mobiles.
What are you waiting for ? challenge yourself and your friends and reach high levels!