Favorite Keyboard?


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Nov 29, 2010
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Lincoln, NE
What are your guy's favorite keyboards to use? Stock, Swype, SlideIt, SwiftKey, Perfect Keyboard, etc?

I've currently have SlideIt and SwiftKey as my favorites, but am looking for possible new ones to use to find the one that fits me best.
Flex t9. Hands down.

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I've recently started using swype for the first time (I know, I'm a little late to the party) after a long stint with the stock gingerbread keyboard and I think I'll be sticking with swype for atleast the foreseeable future. Swiftkey is also great. It's prediction technology is amazing.
I tried a lot of different keyboards, but can't live without swiftkey

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I think I've tried just about every keyboard possible, and I always go back to Swype. Every time.
Flex t9. Worth every penny.

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I bought thumb keyboard for my tablet and realized it would also work for that, so I've been loving that. Two space bars, super customizable

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I've been using Swiftkey X ever since it was free on Amazon a month or so ago. I've never looked back :) It's pretty boss
I am using TouchPal Keyboard... currently in beta testing. Very nice.

I use FlexT9 if I'm in portrait or using voice entry, but it doesn't seem to do predictions with the keyboard, so I use Swiftkey with the hardware keyboard.
I use SwiftKey x. Have used it since the beta and has worked great. My only problem is that the predictions bar it always out with the keyboard slid out

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Haha, of course. That's my main one as well. But I like using the swiftkey combo using physical, and then it's predictions. Also nice if I ever feel like using the on screen one. Sometimes I'm lazy and use portrait mode when laying in bed texting, or texting in class.. :)