Faster Performance On The LG G3 Lag Fix


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Oct 6, 2011
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I have really enjoyed my time with the LG G3 over the past week. My favorite part of the phone is probably the incredible battery life. I am routinely getting a full days use with nearly 50% battery left at the end of the day. This is with 4 hours or more of screen on time. That being said the only complaint that I have seen about this phone so far (not experienced by me) was a small amount of lag. The easiest way to increase speed on any Android device is to turn off animations in developer options, but there is another method for increasing speed and performance on the LG G3 in particular.

This lag fix will work whether you are rooted or not. It requires you to make a few adjustments in the "secret menu". The method is pretty straight forward.

- Open phone dialer
-Dial code to get into the secret menu
Verizon code: ##228378 send
AT&T code: 3845#*850#
T-Mobile code: 3845#*851#
Sprint code: 5689#*990#
-scroll to option (High Temperature Property OFF)
-select and turn ON
-exit menu and power down the phone
-power the phone back on
-when phone boots back up dial the code from the dialer again to reenter the secret menu
-scroll to (Thermal Daemon Mitigation OFF)
-select and turn on
-turn of phone and wait for 30 seconds before turning back on and unlocking the screen and waiting 60 seconds before using
-Reap the benefits of a Lag Free phone.

Via DroidViews
SO nice to see all these newer devices finally giving users amazing battery life that most of us haven't experienced outside of a large bulky extended battery, or being limited to the Droid Maxx.

tap'n on my S5
My buddy tried this on a vzw g3, said his phone only shows, device test, elt test, and log enable??
I have a VZ phone and only see Device test, ELT Test and Log
Thanks for the fix. My G3 was lagging really badly for a while and this cleared it right up.