Fascinate vs Droid X


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Nov 10, 2010
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Hold down the area to type and select input method. But the x also has one click root more roms to customize your phone the way you like it. My friend has th fascinate and it just seems like a cheap iphone to me. Id go with the x but that's me. Good luck with your decision.

Fascinate has one click root via z4root on market. Also one click lag fix.

Tannor- you get YouTube on fascinate and skyfire has flash. Froyo is overrated. If I had to guess I would say Samsung goes straight to gingerbread.

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Owned D1, Incred, X, D2, and the Fascinate is the best.

Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate OS 2.2 might be released "later in December 2010" | MobileSyrup.com

^ There most likely will not be a direct to gingerbread update.