Factory Reset (should it replace images)

Jul 31, 2010
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ok so i came across the guide for how to put a color of you choice android in the notification drop down bar..i think i first found it on alldroid but i know i saw it on here and some other forums too..i will post the directions at the end of this post for reference...so i had my phone rooted and then changed the drop down notification bar with no problems...now today i wanted to do a factory reset and start from scratch again with the phone and first i released it did not remove root..that was no problem it unrooted fine but the image in the drop down notification bar is still there....i know i can just follow the directions again to fix with the stock image but i thought the factory reset would have replaced it and made everything 100% stock....please give me a little info about this stuff so i can understand what a factory reset will and wont do....or was it supposed to fix it and for some reason it didnt???? and also can someone please give me the original image for the notification bar....idk what u need to access it..ninja morph...root explorer?? either way the file i need is called status_bar_background.png..thanks a lot everyone

here are the directions (not mine) if you are interested in trying this it worked perfect first time

(USB debugging mode)
1. Download & install Stericson's NinjaMorph from the Market
2. Place your desired Droid image on your SDcard and rename it to status_bar_background.png (doesn't matter where you put it)
3. Launch NinjaMorph and click tap on New Project
4. Go to /system/framework/framework-res.apk (Files will get extracted and a backup is created automatically)
5. Go into /res/drawable-hdpi and find status_bar_background.png
6. Tap on the file and it will now ask you to find the image you want to replace it with
7. Find the file you placed on your SDcard and tap on it
8. You will get a warning asking if you're really sure you want to replace it (Tap Yes)
9. Tap on the blue arrow on the bottom right corner
10. Tap on Finish Project
11. Tap on framework-resapk (NinjaMorph will now package/create the apk)
12. You will get a warning asking if you're sure you want to overwrite the apk (Tap Yes)
13. You will now get a warning asking if you want to zipalign (I chose no)
14. Tap ok on the next warning
15. Choose if you want to delete the project