Facebook Manual Sync: SOLVED

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Nov 6, 2009
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Ok I think I got! I tried this on 4 contacts so far and it's working.

1. goto you normal contact list and find the "Unsynced" account Aka "Mom"
2. Write down their phone #, then delete the contact.
3. open up facebook app, goto "Friends".
4. find the contact in the search window and tap their picture NOT their name.
5. in the little popup window, click the "Contact" Icon.
6. hit the menu button and "Edit Contact".
7. hit the menu button again and hit "New Contact" YES NEW NOT JOIN!
8. Enter the display name you want to see (I.E if the contact is "Mom" and facebook has her as jane smith, put in "Mom" it will take it.) Not sure how to make the gmail contact as the actual display in the list but it does save the info ****
9. enter the phone #.
10. Hit done. it should merge all facebook info for that profile into the contact you just made.

*** After you save the contact to the phone go all the way back to the main contact screen and edit the contact. Click on the display name IE "Mom", change it to something like "AAA" and save it, go back and edit again and make it "Mom" and Presto! "Mom" is the contact in the phone and it updates with "Jane Smith"'s facebook info!
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