Facebook chat for android


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Dec 7, 2010
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I am developing a android application in that app i want to add facebook chat
with the use of facebook login.After the user login i want to open friends list of the particular user

Please any one help me how to do that

Thanks in advance
Facebook app from the market already added chat recently.
Idk if you knew that or if you wanted to make a stand alone app.
But it would be redundent now.

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I know that already a app like that but i want add some features in that app
That's y
You may get the advice form the social networking instruction or you can get from some third party tool.

Is their any API available for faceboook chat for android application

I am using smack api for facebook chat application in android.In that i want to connect to add XMPPClient in my application i have tried something but it always producing the error in XMPPClient connection

It say XMPPClient cannot be resolved to a type what type of error it is and how to avoid this type of error