"Facebook authentication failed" message...


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Jul 19, 2010
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Has anyone else been getting this? If I enter the password again, it'll work for a minute but then I get it again anytime I try to refresh my notifications. I'll get ta googlin', but I figured I'd start a thread just in case anyone else is getting this error.
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I'm not getting that message but my fb contacts wont link up with my phone contacts..was thinking that maybe I messed something up after rooting
It seems (from what I've found with a google search) that it's a facebook app issue and it's not exclusive to the droid or verizon. I haven't found a workaround fix yet tho.
Hopefully someone has one... if not, I won't know what a bunch of people who I haven't talked to since high school are doing at this exact moment, and what they'll be having for diner tonight. Lol.
I have the same problem and it is very annoying in that I have to keep putting in my password to get it to work again.
If anyone finds a work around please post it. Is there a different Facebook app that can be used instead?