Extended Controls on GB


Aug 6, 2010
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My favorite toggle widget Extended Controls is not 100% on Gingerbread, probably as expected... Shame, since I loved being able to make it transparent and be able to control BT, GPS, WiFi, flashlight, airplane, norm/vibe/silent, and brightness with one touch from my home screen.

I sent their devs an email letting them know that their GPS toggle (which had no problems on froyo) instead took me to the Location and Security settings and that the brightness toggle was slow to react. Honolulu Team (Extended Controls Dev) gets back to me within the hour having fixed the brightness, but they said the GPS was impossible due to GB's security settings. The Power Controls widget included in Apex 2.0b controls them just fine, but I'm not a fan of its appearance.

Is there some way I can fish out the activating command from the stock widget and splice it into EC?

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