ESDN - NEW application market for Android


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May 27, 2011
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Good day, Droid users and developers! :)

We would like to present our new application store - - a mobile fair play app store!

It is available as a web site - Mobile applications market, Android applications, PayPal app store, a mobile website - This new domain has been registered by united-domains on behalf of a client and a Facebook integrated app store - ESDN - mobile application store in the social web! on Facebook | Facebook

There are no setup and listing fees, free apps are welcome. If you want to list paid titles, you'll need a PayPal account. We offer 11% commission rate and transfer your funds instantly on every sale.

More information is available at Mobile application developers

Currently we list only Android titles with planned addition of other platforms next month.

All questions are welcome at our e-mail - [email protected]

All the best!

P.S: If this is not the right place for this topic, please reposition it properly. Thank you!