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Jul 30, 2010
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I have a new Droid X, upgrading from Blackberry. When I go to a website, I touch the screen twice to enlarge the page. But, when I click on anything within the page, it shrinks again.

How do I keep the page larger?

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You're using the default browser?

I like dolphin hd, dolphin, and xscope. You might want to try those. (I have them all installed.) You can set user agent to "Desktop/Computer" so that you can access the non-mobile versions of sites (like gmail.com). With the X's big screen, there's no need to be using those crappy iphone mobile sites.

Also in the browser, uncheck the "open page in overview" option...if the browser has one...that way you won't have to zoom every page you visit.

Each browser has a slightly different way to zoom. In all you can "pinch to zoom", in some you can doubletap to zoom, in xscope there's an innovative tap&drag to zoom which allows you to change the zoom level with one finger. That dev could probably patent that! Cool!
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