Enable Experimental Google Now Cards With Root


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Oct 6, 2011
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There are benefits to keeping your phone stock, like the ability to always be able to apply over the air updates the moment they release. There are many more advantages to rooting your device. When you root your device you open it up to so many options. You can mod your device and use all kinds of apps that add to the overall experience of using your phone.

Google is working on some new Google Now Cards. There is an experimental card which sends you updates when the prices of airfare drop. This could help someone who loves to travel or has to travel for business to always get the best rate. Google has not rolled this Card out officially but you can test it out now if your device is rooted.

Unleash the Google is an app by developer "Zhuowei Zhang". This app gives you a panel of API tests as well as experimental Google Now cards. If this sounds interesting to you head to the link below for the download + a full guide of how to use it.

via AndroidPolice