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Mar 3, 2011
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Hi, I 'm a newbie with a 3/4 month old Droid X. Still navigating around and trying to figure out how to move my emails into folders.
Hello welcome to the community and feel free to ask any questions you may have. Also are you using Gmail? or another email client?

I'm using my Cox account. I've set up my folders but can't seem to figure out how to move my emails into the folders. I thought it would be kind of easy because of the "Move" function, but that only seems to move the emails into the trash or outbox.
Not too sure on Cox accounts because when i got my D2 i switched all my email accounts to Gmail accounts. It really helps a lot and makes it a lot easier to schedule your calander, backup contacts, and email when you have it all in one place. Just make sure you send a email to all your contacts that you switched to Gmail so they can keep in contact with you
No problem. My bad i dont have more info on Cox accounts but ill try and look up something. If i come across anything ill post it here. Gmail accounts are def worth the time IMHO tho.
welcome to the forum!! what???? 252 can't help??? Lol....ok sorry I don't know about Cox accounts
have u got it working? its been set up ok?

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POP Email Folders

I have the same need. Verizon Droid X with Cox email (POP). I want to select and move the emails I want to save on my phone, then "select all" and delete the rest all at once instead of one at a time. I DO NOT want to change my email address. Doesn't anyone out there know of a way to create additional folders for POP email accounts, or an app that does?