Dying Net Neutrality's Bleak Outlook; The Real Reason We Need Solid Net Neutrality


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX
If you really want to understand how killing net neutrality will massively harm innovation in the technology sector, then you need to read the following article: FCC Net Neutrality Proposal is Already Ruining the Internet | BGR

It paints a bleak picture where the big corps dominate the little guy and stifle innovative ideas in favor of greater control and greater profits. Many of us were hoping that FCC chairman Tom Wheeler would come up with an idea which would revive Net Neutrality. Unfortunately, his ideas are actually worse and will simply nail the final coffin on Net Neutrality. (FCC: Net neutrality rules are coming in May | BGR)

While some people focus on the idea that it's not fair to pay the same amount if you use less internet than the guy down the street who watches Netflix all day, they are missing the big picture. The harm happens at the corporate level, because killing Net Neutrality allows the large corporations to dominate over smaller startups by pushing them out of the market. This will occur because the startups will not be able to afford to pay the higher "highway" fees to get the faster data connections on the internet.

Great ideas will die before they ever get a chance to get off the ground. In fact, as you will see from the above article, the gears are turning and it is already starting to happen even before these new rules and laws have gone into effect.