Duplicate profile OR single profile that can quickly hide apps?


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Mar 30, 2017
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Moto G4 Plus
I would like to very easily, as easily as switching Android profile, hide specific apps from my phone and their notifications when at work.

Setting up a new profile on Android seems to do this, but it seems I have to manually configure every single app again, and all of my settings. Whatsapp will also not let me verify my number on both profiles.

Perhaps there is some easy way, touch of a button easy, to quickly hide the predetermined apps from my normal, main profile, and their notifications?

If multiple profiles really is the way to go, is there some way I can duplicate my main personal profile into the second, and then remove the several apps I do not want on my work profile? Perhaps something similar to a symlink could be set up from my work profile, pointing at my main profile, some how excluding the apps and settings I do not want? Further, maybe some kind of symlink would allow whatsapp to run on both profiles?

I have been searching online for a solution but not had any success. Device is rooted 7.1.1.