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Jan 20, 2014
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"Give your Selfies A meaning!!!! You will never miss out in any group photo again!!!
Dual Cam-Frontback Camera is a photography app that gives its users the ability to use both front and back cameras simultaneously. This app then combines both photos to create an interesting Photo Story of the photographer and the object in front. It is very simple; you simply have to take a photo of front object in first frame and then your own photo in the second frame. The app automatically combines both frames and creates an interesting photo collage which tells your story. You can also call this the greatest Selfie Camera App in the world.
Whenever we take photographs from our mobile phones the biggest drawback is that we cannot include ourselves in that photo. It can be a family photo during some family function or get-together or it can be a photo of friends during a weekend party,in all these photos the most important person is missing ie.YOU. That is why we created this app which helps you complete the missing part and give a meaning to all your photos.
This app is a fun and interesting way to tell a story through photos. With this photography app you can take photos of anything and then show your reaction to that thing simultaneously. This creates a beautiful visual harmony and presents a complete story to the viewer.
This interesting app comes with following features:
• You can choose to take photos in two modes: Horizontal mode and vertical mode.
• Capture both front view and back photos simultaneously.
• You can share your photo story on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram,Whatsapp, Flickr, Gmail etc.
• You can share the photos on the app network where other users can like or comment on your photos.
• Give a story to your photos.
• Add effects and frames to the photos from a varied gallery.
Getting started with Dual Cam-Frontback Camera:
Once you download Dual Cam-Frontback Camera, you need to register to use the app and share your photos on the app's network. Alternatively, you can sign in using your Facebook account.
You can also use the app without signing in. However, in this case, you will not be able to share your photos on the app's network but you will still be able to use the app to take photos,save your photos to your phone and will be able to share the photos on Facebook,Twitter,Flickr,Gmail,Instagram & WhatsApp.
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