DroidX and Blulogic


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Mar 19, 2011
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This is basically a repeat of what I wrote in the introduction thread (titled - Very Frustrated), but I though maybe someone scanning this one might have an answer.

I am on day 13 of having my DroidX. With much help from the Verizon staff (not a franchise) I have begun to really enjoy the thing.

The very large problem I am having is that when I try to make a hands free call in the car(2010 Scion XB with Blulogic), sometimes it connects, and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I hear "say a com" and it disconnects.

Verizon has replaced the phone and Toyota has replaced the Blulogic. ANY help here???? I'm going to return it tonight if this marriage can't be saved. Very frustrating and disappointing. I have had one response that if it's a choice btwn the car and phone, dump the phone, I'd prefer not to dump either.

The blulogic worked well with my no frills phone.