droid x virtual keyboard shortcut???


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Mar 4, 2011
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Just got my droid x aprox 13 hours ago and having a blast ^.^

Recently I bought the wii controller app to use for gaming on the go. I MUST say that it exceeds my expectations, as I had been expecting some latency and am surprised to "see" no lagg time. Anyways on to my question......

When using the wii mote as a controller input it "disables" the use of the virtual keyboard untill I change back to default settings.(done from wii controller app). I forseethis being a nuisance in the future as I may need to make a quick.text or search and disabeling then reenabeling takes more time than I want it to.

Is there an app or form of shortcut I could put on my homepage to restore default input settings with a simple press? Does not have to revert back to the wiimote(although.nice bonus if it did) just needs to.restore virtual keypad asap for all my instant needs.
if not its totally bareable just not "efficient" enough for my impulsive ways XD (note to self turn off auto correct anoyinge as he'll)

Edit: fixed all the blasted autocomplete misshaps
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