Droid X Sound Profiles


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Sep 28, 2010
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I am new to the Android world. I am coming from the Blackberry Storm where I was able to set different profiles for different times of the day or when I was in certain places. For instance, at night I would only allow phone calls and text messages, but silenced emails (since these come from all over and at all hours of the night), also silenced at night was facebook and different instant messages. Another profile would be at work, where I would have everything set to vibrate. Still another profile would be vacation, where everything would be silenced. I guess what has me scratching my head is how do I get my phone to understand the difference between email notification and text message notification, or facebook notification. I have tried many profile apps and have not found one that suits what I am trying to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
There are a couple if apps that are useful for this. Advanced Mode Scheduler will let you setup schedules to change volumes based on day/time of day. The paid version can also schedule turning wifi, bluetooth, etc on and off. Audio Manager Pro has a volume widget and you can setup profiles but I believe they have to be changed manually. I haven't used it, but apparently RingLeader can set sounds for specific apps and create profiles. Hope that helps.