Droid X Case

I just bought the gel cover for now. I'm waiting to spend more money when the Otterbox comes out. I had one for my Storm and love it. Can't wait to buy one for my X.
I bought the hard silicone one. I love it. It nice and smooth and doesn't stick or aything when slideing it out of my pocket.
My wife and I both have the silicone case. Works fine, but for whatever reason, it won't fit in the car dock even with the insert removed.
Anyone looking for an armband for the Droid X? I find it funny they advertise it with the "RunStar" application but its not gonna fit in any running shorts i own lol
i have the carbon fiber case with the standard verizon anti-glare screen guard and i already dropped my X once.. the case did its job.. fell about 8 feet and landed on the bottom of the case.. minior(and i mean minor) dents to the case and absolutely no damage to the phone.. worth every penny.. was a serious pucker moment when i heard it hit the blacktop