Droid X .602 help please


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May 29, 2012
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Alright bear with me as i explain this to you. I purchased a droid x off ebay, i am on alltel network, which was bought out by atlantic tele network or some crap in the area i live. i than proceeded to rooting it, i flashed an alltel rom so the radio would be changed and i could get 3g, proceeded onward to putting Vortex RC1 on my phone, usedd it for a bit, went to hateraid, than to apex 2.0 rc2 which i am enjoying greatly. But than poses a problem, apex rc4 has been released, but you have to be on system version .602/.605 in order to flash it. i am on .596, my baseband number is off by one and my kernel is also, im assuming its all because my system version is wrong, i need to do the following but i don't know how, 1. Flash alltel rom with system version .602 ( i can't flash the verizon version of .602 because it will change my radio to verizon frequency and i will no longer receive 3g) 2. Re-root, but i don't know what to use because in alltel 2.3.5 they added a thing that was "un-rootable" into the system, thats the last i heard, any changes on that? and after i re root i can than flash my apex rc4, can someone please help me with links, how to flash the alltel rom, than re root, its been a while since i've done this, so im quite rusty, so if anyone could please help, it will be greatly appreciated. thanks.
well i did it, and i got screwed over, it changed my radio frequency, and it disconnected my whole phone and put me on verizon so now i have a disconnected phoen :( any help here?
to get to 602/605... what you'll need to do... use rsd lite again... to sbf back to stock altell so you can get 3g... like the one you did earlier... but then... use 1kds's iso sbf for 602 or 605... the linux method will not touch the radio so you'll be safe to root with the zergrush/one click root... bootstrap and flash
Okay. I'm on .605 but phone is disconnected. So I was thinking that's why I didn't get internet or anything. So i called alltel. They made a case about it and supposed to get back to me. My phone has a clear esn so they can't see its a Verizon phone. Once alltel really enters my stuff. Will I be good to go? And ill get everything back? Or do I meed to still flash back to alltel first?
I also heard 2.3.5 (alltel)couldn't be rooted. Is that true?