Droid wont even turn on after series of events (see thread).


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Jun 19, 2010
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Well, to start, when I'm at home I keep my Droid in a dock, which is plugged into a USB 3.0 slot on my computer for charging. My phone was in the dock, but the SD card was not mounted on the computer. My computer crashed, and I had to use the reset button to restart it. This whole time, my droid was plugged in. After my computer started up, I noticed that my Droid's screen was still off, so I hit the unlock button, and it had been off, so it was now booting up. So somehow, it shut down when my computer did.

I tried turning it back on, but it would get all the way to the unlock screen and start loading everything, and then the screen would just turn off (with the 2.3 screen off animation. I don't know if that matters, but it wasn't just a sudden turning off, since the animation did play).

I tried again, same thing happened, so I took out the battery, and put it back in. Now the power button doesn't do a damn thing.

Dead? I find it particularly interesting that taking the battery out and putting it back in made it work even less, and that my computer appears to have killed it in the first place.

Finally, if it is dead, and not something I can fix, it's still under warranty, but... rooted, custom ROM, overclocked, etc. Anything I should do before I take it in to Verizon?

EDIT: Well, I put my (presumed dead) phone back in the dock, and it's been sitting there for a while, and then suddenly... life! It just decided to turn on... when it dead, it said the battery was at 5%, which then jumped back to full.

I'm so confused as to what happened, but it's working.

EDIT2: Just kidding, it turned off again, but stayed on longer than before obviously. I've now switched it to a regular wall outlet charger, and it turns on, but it says it's fully charged. Possible that USB 3.0 had something to do with the problem? It was plugged into a USB 2.0 port until last night when I switched it.
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