Droid vs iPhone 3G S video

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Oct 29, 2009
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great video check it out

[video=youtube;r9YGvLHvUxQ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9YGvLHvUxQ]YouTube - Motorola Droid Vs. iPhone 3GS[/video]
good video... I love the iPhone and if it was on Verizon I would have had one already... but looking at this video (and my ipod touch) the black background isn't very black from that angle, while the droid blacks looks black...
While I do not hate the iphone in any way, shape or form, it's just not the phone for me. The droid does everything I need plus about 100000 times more then I would ever need.
I love my iPod Touch but I can't help loving how much customization Android has. If I don't like the onscreen keyboard that much.. I'll just replace it! Don't like that lock screen? REPLACE IT! Hmm the homescreen is boring to me now after a year... R E P L A C E I T ! :icon_ banana:
this is nice to see someone that would generally be biased towards the IPhone give a nice solid review like this.
this is nice to see someone that would generally be biased towards the IPhone give a nice solid review like this.
yes I agree. I think the iPhone is a great phone no doubt but I do not like the looks of the UI or hardware.....it's too "clean" for lack of a better word.

Android just looks better to me. It's more masculine.....I don't want my electronics to be all cute and clean.

The video just shows what a great device the Droid is. One cannot go wrong by purchasing this device.
i've actually been trying to find anything negative about this phone minus the flat keyboard.(just like anything theres a learning curve) I gave up on looking as i couldnt find anything.
Yeah I don't see anything I don't like about the Droid either. Okay it has gold accents and a flat keyboard. These aren't things I necessarily dislike about it because with no keyboard I'd be upset and with no accents it may look too plain.

I do agree though, he lets you know that he has had iPhones for a long time and yet he still gives the Droid a very solid review. I would have found it interesting if he said "the Droid's onscreen kb is good but not as good as Apples. However, unlike the iPhone, the Droid has an app for that!" lol
When they make the 2nd gen of the droid, i would imagine they will make a more stylish keypad, one maybe with alittle more of a raise middle and lower sides. One thing I have to give to the LG Voyager is that the keyboard is pretty damn good, and it has a d-pad also. But other then that I also have yet to find a negative posting about it, other then from an isheep who doesn't want to point things out correctly.
Unless they can really thin out the circuits under the keyboard, the only way I think they can improve the keyboards depth is to make the phone thicker :(
I really wouldn't mind it being a small bit thicker if i could have a keyboard I truely like. I don't think they would even have to make it that much thinker, just a small bit and it would be good.
Yeah, having it a touch thicker to make a better KB would have been fine, but one of their goals was the "thinnest qwerty evar" so they succeeded at that.
Well heck you do make the thinnest qwerty ever but if noone likes it and noone wants to use it, you've pretty much made a bad decision.
Haha thats true. A lot of the reviews say that you get used to it, I guess it just has a bit of a learning curve to it.
not sure why that keeps getting brought up (keyboard) I figure if the user does not like it at all they simply don't need to use it. It's really just an option. I have not seen one video where you HAVE to use the keyboard..

Plus I think it's like anything else after using it for a while it will become second nature and easy. Heck some people are born without hands and use their feet for everything and get by just fine. To us we are astounded at how they can do things but to them it's easy. Same thing with the keyboard we all will get used to it and over time it will be a non issue.

I bet in a month there will obviously be new users joining up and complaining about the keyboard and we will all say "dude you will get used to it, I had the same problem. Give it time" lol