Jan 27, 2010
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New York
I just want to share a story of what happen these past two days and how my Droid saved the day. So I needed to get to Indiana in the morning in order to make a important meeting with some client. I booked a connecting flights from NY to Ohio and the Ohio to Indiana. However, that when things went bad. My first flight was delayed 4 hours at the airport making it impossible for me to make the connecting flight (BTW don't fly Delta, they are horrible. They didn't take off because of a little rain claiming it was a thunderstorm. Then didn't take off after the rain pass because the bathroom was messed up and have the nervous to say they won't compensate us for the delay at all). Anyway, so I couldn't wait to get a flight in the morning because I won't make it (the meeting was at 7am). So I decide I should rent a car from Ohio and drive up. Using my Motorola Droid, I download the Kayak app and found a cheap car and book it over the phone. I then pick up the car and use the GPS on my phone to navigate to Indiana. And I was able to navigate even though I had 15 % battery level 1/5 of the way there. I LOVE MY PHONE.

Oh, and coming back. I had a connecting flight to Ohio then back to NY. Well when I arrived in Ohio, I was late again so I had to rush to the connecting flight to NY. Well, Ohio decide not to show my flight to NY so I didn't know which gate to run to. Using the Pageonce app, I was able to find the gate and make it home on time. Android saved me today. Thanks MOTOROLA DROID.
Awesome. I have had my phone save me a few times when away from home and "stuck"
I had to pick my daughter and her two g/f up at BWI a few months ago. They flew to Chicago for her batchelerette party and were coming home that Sunday. Well, I get to BWI in good time, thanks to Google Maps. The plane shows it will be landing on time. Well, the plane got diverted to Dulles because of a bad rainstorm that developed over BWI. I had absolutely no idea how to get to Dulles but again Google Maps saved me again. It sure does have a lot of good uses and glad it was able to help you out this week too.