Solved Droid Maxx keeps restarting


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Feb 9, 2015
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My phone was working fine last night. When I woke up this morning and shut the alarm off I hit the power button to put the phone to sleep and it restarted. Now whenever I even lightly touch the power button or seemingly even think about touching the power button the phone restarts. Nothing could've happened to the phone physically overnight as it was next to me the whole time and everything else works fine. Thanks.
Have you tried running in Safe Mode to see if it still happens?

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When the phone runs in Safe Mode, Play Store apps don't load / run (for the most part) and can help determine if an app from the Play Store is causing the issue. if the same issue still occurs in Safe Mode, then you can more than likely rule out Play Store apps. If the problem does not happen in Safe Mode, then there is a good indication that a Play Store app is causing the problem. It's a good troubleshooting tool to start off with when strange things like you described start to happen. The easiest way to boot into Safe Mode is hold the power button and when you see the normal Power Off menu option...long press on Power Off and select OK to reboot into safe mode. More information and the other option to get into safe mode can be found here:

What is safe mode and how do I use it
I just tried in safe mode. It went a little differently as pushing the button immediately brought up the power options, but it still restarted after just a few seconds.
Very strange. So your phone will not even turn off? It just always restarts even when you select Power Off?

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Usually it won't even let me select power off. As soon as I touch the power button it either immediately restarts or restarts a few seconds after the power off option appears.
Have you considered backing up all important files, pics, music, etc. and performing a Factory Reset (FDR)? I know it can be a pain to restore everything the way you want it. But if you can't even get your phone to do a normal Power Off & back on again sequence, that might be the only solution. Is you phone still under warranty by chance?
Everything else with the phone seems completely normal. I think I'm just going to try the factory reset and go from there.
Everything else with the phone seems completely normal. I think I'm just going to try the factory reset and go from there.
As long as you have all of your important files backed up somewhere, it never really hurts. If the problem still happens, then at least you can go from there. If you are under warranty and asked for warranty help...they are going to suggest a FDR anyway. After a FDR, I usually find that I had a lot of apps I never really used and it gives me a chance to start over fresh with a clean phone.
In a situation like this.. My go to's are.. Clear cache through recovery, try safe mode.. Then fdr... It beats hours of messing with it.. Then if it continues.. You know it's hardware..
So I decided to let the battery die before doing the reset. I let it sit dead for a while the plugged it in and turned it on and it works fine now. This was really strange but I guess it worked out. I appreciate all the help.