Droid Incredible SD Card Wont Mount


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Sep 3, 2011
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I own a year-old rooted Droid Incredible. I rooted my phone almost as soon as I got it. I love my phone, but recently the phone has failed to read or write anything from the SD card and when an application tries, the phone reboots. I have tried removing the card and placing it back in. I get the notification saying that it is "Preparing SD Card" but then it stops and nothing happens. Under the available space and used space it says "00". I tried cleaning the connectors on the SD card but this doesn't work. I have talked to the customer service and they said that a factory reset was the only way to tell if it was the software on the port or the SD card. I don't own another SD card I don't want to do a factory reset, so I was hoping someone here could help!