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Mar 23, 2010
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i need help with my droid i dont no what to do i have a few problems plz help me :( :( :( :(

1. When i take pictures for some reason it only shows half of the picture like the bottom half is black and it does it on quiet often.

2. For some reason my droid doesnt have the 3G thing on it and i cant get text messages and if i do i get them about 30 min after they were sent to me. my dad has a droid to and his says 3g so i dont understand... his is just fine gets message with in a sec of someone texting him so i just dont no ... should i take it back get a new one , or should i do a recovery on it.

Thanks in advance for the help :) :) :) :)


Your not rooted and running something custom I assume? If so change the ROM. Take it back if you are stock, 1 year warranty, you will be fine, no worries.