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Nov 9, 2009
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I am happy with my new Droid for the most part, however, it seems that email notifications only happen once on the first unread message. Subsequent emails do not generate an audible notification of new messages being received.

This is concerning, as if you miss the first audible notification, it does not indicate that you have pending messages as unread.

Can anyone confirm this behavior and suggest an option for more verbose notifications?

I am seeing the same issue, but only for gmail. Additionally the alert appears to be global for ALL gmail accounts. If i get an email on any one of them then new emails from any of the others does not notify. This is a BIG problem for me!
I have corporate exchange email and yahoo email on my droid. I get an audible notification each time, even if I haven't checked the previous ones. My notification is also a different sound for the two email accounts. I just wish that it put a star or flag or something on the email icon (like Blackberry) so I didn't have to bother with the notification bar, especially when it's on vibrate and I can't tell which account just got an email unless I pull down the bar.
Yeah I get proper notification for my exchange acct. Just not my gmail accts
jwcooper- You can setup different notifications on a per-gmail account (go into settings while viewing each individual account).

I am hesitant to setup my corporate email (via gmail) on the Exchange connector (we have our corporate email through Google Apps, GMail), because we'd lose all of the benefits of the gmail interface, etc...

We are pending our company move over to Verizon/Droid based on the single notification on the gmail app, so I am hoping we can get that figured out soon.

Thanks for any replies.
Done. PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG to anyone that you can. This is something that we need fixed, before our company can convert to Verizon/Droid.
Actually I prefer it this way :) Especially with the phone in the room at night I prefer to just get the one notification.
Well as the issue suggests this should be an option. Some do prefer it the way it is, others prefer to be notified of EVERY email. Additionally, every other app notifies every time (ie google talk, the OTHER email client, etc). We should at least be consistent here..
Any new info on this? I'm new to Droid from a Blackberry and find this very frustrating. I would like to be notified audibly every time I receive a new gmail regardless if I have opened the previous incoming email.