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Aug 12, 2012
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Hello everyone. I have been researching this for a few months now and this is all very confusing. I have a Droid Bionic. It is not in service with Verizon anymore because the the service is just too expensive for me right now. I switched to MetroPCS in South Florida and really don't like the phones they offer. I am currently using the LG Esteem and it doesnt hold a candle to the Bionic. I am trying to figure out if the Bionic can be used on any other services other than Verizon. With that said, is there a service where it can still use 4G LTE service. Since I doubt that to be likely, what are some services that other people have been using and have been happy with? Metro is pretty crappy, even the 4G which is very spotty on the LG Esteem. Has anyone used the new prepaid service thru TMobile? I hope I am asking the right questions here. Basically just want to get the best prepaid service possible on this phone and still maintain the most functionality. Thanks in advance for any help offered.
Its pretty much stuck on Verizon... Although I hear you can flash some phones to cricket or you may be able to use page plus prepaid.
To get the Bionic working on Tmobile or AT&T follow this:

Bionic on tmobile - xda-developers I don't believe the Bionic supports Tmobile's 3G frequencies, but it does AT&Ts.

You should be able to get it to work on another CDMA carrier, but I don't think you can get it to work on Metro, AT&T, or Sprints LTE network.
Thanks for the info. Its a lot to read and try to understand. So is there any 4g services that I can use this phone on other than verizon? What would be the best 3g prepaid plan that would be compatible with this phone then? You stated I could get the phone on TMOBILE, but you didnt believe that the bionic supported their 3g frequency. Could you elaborate on that please? Thanks again for allowing me to ask these basic questions and giving real answers.
There are a couple of threads on here also for flashing the Bionic to "Cricket"!
Sorry, don't know anyone personally who did it though!
They are only on 3g for right now, but you could just keep it in CDMA only mode. Rumor has it their going to be upgrading to 4g in the near future. So who knows? :)

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Wi-fi only without a Verizon subscription?

Will the wi-fi on this device still work if the Verizon account is deactivated?
Will the wi-fi on this device still work if the Verizon account is deactivated?

I would think so. I.e. Take out the sim you can still use it on wifi.

This was discussed at http://www.droidforums.net/forum/motorola-droid-bionic/219350-will-not-load-after-droid-splash.html and they were having problems getting beyond the splash screen without a sim card or an account.

I know 3G phones can run WiFi only if deactivated, but I don't know about 4G (at least with Verizon).
oops. Sorry for bad advice.

I pulled sim and all its good, but I wiped data and couldn't get past sign in. Which irks me. Once I restored my nandroid I got the same message that I needed a sim but it went away and I could use device on wifi.

So, I guess a new phone it wouldn't work, but if you were to end contract, etc it will

? I'm going to go read that thread.

Edit: I assumed the touching of four corners would work, which I'd why I went ahead and backed up and tried it before posting.

That thread ends with a tracing of the Android working, which of course isn't there for ics leak. Perhaps there is a swipe that will work but I feel like I tried alot of different ways before giving up and restoring my nandroid (tail between legs).
Im not sure if this is what youre asking for, but with the deactivated sim from verizon in the phone, the wifi works fine for me.
Im not sure if this is what youre asking for, but with the deactivated sim from verizon in the phone, the wifi works fine for me.
Yes, this is what I was asking in my post, and the answer I was looking for. Thanks, you have been most helpful.
Please help

Hello again. I finally had my bionic flashed over to page plus. I paid someone to do it that swore he could do it and does this for a living. Long story short is he did it, but now i have 1g internet service instead of the promised 3g. Talk and text works fine. He told me he doesn't have time to figure it out till after the holidays, so I told him I don't have time to pay him till after the holidays and now I'm stuck with my phone in this condition. Im using android version 2.3.4. Im not sure what else might be needed. My first question is how do i get the 3g working on pageplus. I am also curious about ICS update that is currently available for my phone. If I update at this point, will it screw up the flash, and is it recommended? I have read that ICS and 3g on pageplus don't cooperate.