Droid Bionic: Ignoring An Incoming Call From Asleep Mode


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Jan 20, 2012
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I have the Droid Bionic and if I am on a call and receive another call I can press a button to IGNORE the call. This then gives me the option to send a quick text message to that caller I just ignored. However, if my phone is in ASLEEP mode I don't get the IGNORE option, I only get the SLIDE to ANSWER option. Many times I am in a meeting and my phone is in ASLEEP mode when I receive a call. I don't want to answer it but I would like to be able to IGNORE the call then send the caller a quick text message. Is this possible?​


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Dec 28, 2011
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I am not sure with standard settings but you can do it with an app called tasker.

I currently have it set to do the following if my phone is face down.

Enter silent mode
Dim the screen
Turn down the media volume
Reply to any phone calls with a text that says I am in a meeting and that I will call back when I am able.

Everything returns to normal when I flip the phone face up (or anything other than facedown).

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