Droid bionic backup ? issue


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Aug 5, 2010
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Hey all, my name is jeff, new to this forum, having issue with droid bionic, there is the icon that comes up on notification bar, the arrow/circled one, pull down bar and it says "backup started" this occurs EVERY DAY at 4:38a , i have no i dea why, try syncing and unsyncing stuff, disabled back up assistant, it went away for weeks but came back saturday 1/28/12 after i think a verizon update , not sure really phone powered off by itself, anyway i dont rememeber how i made it stop, doesnt affect phone operation, doesnt drain battery i dont think, just annoying cause its not right. anyway was wondering if its occuring for anyone else or just me, guess i shoulda mentioned i am NOT techincal saavy, dont know root from boot and all that. phone didnt do it from new, so its definatly something i did.

thanks for the help