Droid 3, Please vote to get more developers!


Jan 1, 2010
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Droid life is conducting a poll that many developers seem to be following. Please vote for the Droid 3! The more people who vote, the greater the chance that we have more developers. We were the ones that got the over rated bionic rooted (really Dirbliss but you know we helped him help us). We were the ones that got bootstrap first. I am pretty sure that there are more droid 3 users than the bionic because of the stupid 4g contract.

So vote. No sign up needed. No real effort either. Do it from your droid if you have to, I did. If you have any other legitimate sites hosting a poll, let me know! I will add it to the OP.

I posted this on XDA as well and it gained already a hundred votes. Lets keep going! I want to win on all polls. I want us to basically start a grass roots movement to show which phone is the most popular!



Update* Koush/Clockworkmod is now officially supporting the Droid3 thanks to our efforts. IF we continue this support of voting we will get even more attention!

Droid 3 Bootstrap on Market: market.android.com/details?id=com… and direct download: download.clockworkmod.com//test/Droid3Bootstrap.apk (ROM Manager support as well)

be sure to remove the other bootstrap by starting it up and clicking uninstall recovery before installing his, it could lead to other issues
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