Droid 3 in South Korea?


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Mar 31, 2010
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I post very little as I usually almost always find what I'm looking for... but I cannot seem to get a straight answer on this:

My wife and I are moving to South Korea by the end of August as English teachers. A few days ago, my trusty Droid X finally bit the dust. I was going to pick up the Galaxy Nexus at release, but then we decided to move so I never did, since our contract goes up at the beginning of August. But luck has it that my Droid X died so I'm rushing to buy a used phone on Craigslist right now and I decided on a Droid 3. (found one for about the same price as just replacing my DX)

If I decide to take this phone to South Korea with us, will I be able to use it on their CDMA network? I found a lot about 'unlocking' the phone, but it seems that Japan and South Korea (for whatever reason) are NOT included in this unlocking?

If anyone has any idea, please, I'd love to know!