Droid 3 Corp Sync prolem


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Sep 28, 2010
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Droid 3 Corp Sync problem

Hello all. We got our first Droid 3 at work and I cant get it to connect to my Active Sync. I am on Exchange 2007. I have SSL set to True. Our Droid 2's,Droid X's and Droid Pros can connect to Corp mail fine. I do know that I do not have a Public Certifcate installed but I have a local cert and its installed on the IIS Server which requires that my OWA to be HTTPS which works fine. We converted the cert to P12 and installed it on the Droid 3 and we dont get any errors but we dont see the cert on the phone under cert manager...... which is odd.

When we try to do a corp sync on the phone I get "Cannot connect to server"

I even got onto the Wireless here with the phone and I get the same error.

The OS Version for the Droid 3 is 2.3.4 and my Droid X I have is 2.3.3 which works fine with my Active Sync.

If it is indeed true that we need a cert.... why cant I grab the cert off the Exchange server and inport it into the phone.... I dont need a Public Cert do I?
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Same Problem

I am getting a certificate emailed to me on a different email address and will let you know if that works.
I'm seeing similar behavior with my new Droid 3.
I'd love to get a solution before I'm forced to take this thing back to the store and either trade it in for a Thunderbolt or go back to my Blackberry.

Hey Gasmask -

Another user found a solution that I will re-post:

1) Set up your corporate sync using your gmail.com account (it still works if you have your actual gmail set up.
2) The server is m.google.com
3) once it syncs you can go in and change everything to your actual corporate server / login and turn off any options that you don't have access to.

Woo Hoo!

In case you missed it:

Originally Posted by Peirogirl
Just purchased the Droid 3 today. I am an avid Droid owner as I had the original Droid and Droid 2 previously. I did not have issues with corporate sync until the Droid 3. After reading the forums on the net, I finally figured I would call Motorola directly as no one was having any luck. The issue is with the Gingerbread release that is loaded on the Droid X and Droid 3.

Here is the solution that works!

1. Set up corporate sync with your gmail account first using the following....
(Username) enter your gmail email
(Email) enter your gmail email
(server) enter m.google.com

2. Accept and save the account.

3. open Settings ~ Accounts ~ and the account you just created.

4. Modify all of the account settings to reflect your actual corporate account.

5. Save....


I spent over an hour on the phone with Motorola and it was well worth it! Please try this solution and enjoy!