Droid 3 As A Mobile Hotspot For Kindle Fire?


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Jan 27, 2012
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I am sure this has come up before, but the search turned up nothing.
I rooted my Droid 3 a few months back, mainly for freezing unwanted app and such. My wife and I both have Kindle Fires now, and was wondering if I can use wi-fi via my phone. Is there a free app that I can use, or can it be done?
I'm not sure if you can achieve what you want from a stock/rooted rom with frozen/debloated apps, but I do know if you Safestrap and install the Maverick Rom v3.0 (that's what I'm on, haven't upgraded to v3.5 yet because of reported bugs) and then install the WiFi Tether app (wifi_tether_v3_1-beta11.apk), you can tether wirelessly to other devices. This is what my wife and I do to have internet access on our tablets (myself a Motorola Xoom WiFi model and her a Lenovo K1 Ideapad). This is one of the few rom/app combinations that does NOT require you to go through the whole Radiocomm Hack ordeal to be able to use your Droid 3 as a free mobile hotspot.

Hope I've helped!
I went ahead and did the RadioComm hack, and it was worth it for getting a tether that works right from the stock menus. However, running a Kindle Fire through the D3's 3G connection over wifi would be abyssmally slow. The 3G is okay for the phone itself, but you lose some bandwidth in the wifi transmission. Over a home broadband wifi, you don't notice the trade-off so much, but coming from the 3G connection you will notice the drop. The connection might be good for downloading a book now and then, but not for Kindle Web browsing and media playing.

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