droid 2 global audio popping/skipping issue


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Feb 8, 2011
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I am having a wierd audio issue with my droid 2 global related to audio skipping/hiccuping when playing music with the stock music player or podcasts. This happens when using headphones, phone speaker, or bluetooth.

The only way i can get audio to play without skipping is to use the application PowerAmp, but as far as podcasts go, i have tried a few podcast apps now (DoggCatcher, Google Listen, BeyondPod), and all podcasts pop/skip...

This happens using the stock 2.2 ROM & Fission ROM. I have tried wiping/reimaging the phone, killing all 3rd party apps, taking the battery out... nothing seems to fix this issue.

There is a post on Motorola's website related to this issue:


I was wondering is anyone had a fix for this, or a 3rd party podcast app work around that will play podcasts without this skipping issue.

any help would be appreciated.

I have the same issue; was worried it was something wrong with the auxillary connection on my new; kind of happy that I found out that's it's just the d2g
Plug your phone into your computer in mass storage mode with USB debugging on. Then run a disk check on the microSD card.

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