Droid 2.1 and Wifi Tether


Feb 21, 2010
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I am pretty sure the answer to my question is "no" but thought I would ask anyway.

Is there any way to use the Droid as a Wifi Hotspot if I am running 2.1 ?

I know that if the phone is rooted I can install an app to use wifi tethering but I have no idea if anything is available for an unrooted phone.

Also - I guess there is no way to root a 2.1 Droid right now ?? Honestly, I don't know much about the whole rooting, rom, thing.

Thanks for any info.
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Wireless tether program allows multiple computers to all connect at once for internet access. You do need root for this.
WiFi Hotspot, no, but you can use EasyTether or PDANet to tether. They both have free trials, and involve one-time-fees of less than $30.
I have rooted my phone with Bugless Beast 0.9 and I have tethering but no Internet access. What is the next step?
Yea I forgot about that. I've never used the Blue Tooth function. If it's speed I'm looking for I use PDA with a direct connect. I have found it's much faster than the various Wi Fi programs I have used. Now If I want to share internet with others that don't have PDA installed on their laptops than Wi Fi is the only way to go
I don't know much about rooting or unrooting your Droid, other than the one I got at my house. I put a couple games and PdaNet on it and tether for free.
This is from Webdeveloper21:

Hey sorry i was reading your thread about how hard it is to root your droid. go to menu, settings, about phone and under firmware version it says 2.1 then you will need to do this step first to get you back to 2.0.1 so it is passable to root.

Here is the link to get back to 2.0.1:
after you get back to 2.0.1 her is the links to get your phone rooted and sprecover on your phone to to whatever you wish to do from there.

Rooting your droid link:
Obtaining Root | Root Your Droid

Now this is the link to put sprecovery on your phone so that you can back up and restore your settings and everything:
Custom Recovery Image | Root Your Droid

Well i hope I was able to help you out and if you have any other questions and or concerns please feel free to write back and if you don't want your phone rooted anymore then just go back to the step about going back to 2.0.1 and follow those steps and it will get you unrooted.