Droid 1 help


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Sep 4, 2010
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Ok I have a D1 and was running the most current 3. UD rom and my phones slide lock has pretty much quit working ive tried down loading the rom over a few times from nandroid and no dice. So i'm gonna call up verizon and use my insurance but does anybody know what I have to do to restore my phone back to stock so they don't see that iv'e unlocked it thanks.
Have you tried going back into the recovery (Clockwork, SPR or RZR whichever one you use) and doing a complete wipe and reinstall the rom? Have you tried to install one of the other Gingerbread roms (Chevy's 5.1 or such)? I doubt you have a warranty issue.
I went into nandroid did a complete install even wiping and no dice on UD or Chevy, it seems like my touch screen is just not working. Does anybody know what commands run the touchscreen?
Also iv'e had a protective clear cover over it and there is no scratches whatsoever on my screen its like new