Droid 1 Contact Help


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Jul 6, 2011
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Hello. I just got my dad's old Motorola Droid 1. Uh, I synced my contacts with Facebook, and they're in my contacts list. but when i went to make a new message, i began typing a name to send it to, and it came up with 3 (previously made, before syncing with facebook) names for the same person, but only one appears in the contacts list. How do i get rid of all the extras if I can't find them? Also, in the messages, the picture it shows for ME, isn't my profile picture, it's actually my moms. But I made 100% sure that I synced it with MY Facebook. I re did it. And it still shows HER profile picture. How can I fix these problems? Please help.

EDIT: I figured out the contact part, but in the messaging, my picture is still my moms profile picture. I clicked it and hit the contact icon, and it took me to her contact in my phone too, but in the messages it's next to the messages I sent.. How do I fix this? It's REALLY getting on my nerves.