Downloading APk's from third party websites are safe?

Mark Taylor

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Dec 30, 2014
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Hi i want to know if its safe to download apk apps for android phones from non offical sites

As i have found these sites that has paid apps freely available.. are these safe to download comparing official sites?

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Non official sites can be a risk. Especially, if you download apps that are not on any of the official sites.
I will give you the slide since Jeffrey answered as it being your first post and all... Hammer was ready when I saw this thread..

We don't take kindly to pirated apps or discussions here on the forum..

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okay thanks for your suggestion...
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IMO, the little money you'd save by trying to get apps for free, is not worth the cost of opening your phone up to hackers, malware, etc. 90% of all apps you could ever want have either a free version, or there's an equally comparable free app available on the Play Store or Amazon. Of course you'll always want a few apps from that remaining 10%, but more often than not it's money well spent for not only a quality app, but the piece of mind in knowing it's a safe download.
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I don't think it is safe enough. I prefer to get free or paid app from play stote or amazon appstore. They are reliable and safe. As for the latter, we can also view all apps in amazon web. Departments -> Appstore for Android.