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Oct 6, 2011
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One of the best ways to customize your device is to add a custom bootanimation. I can still remember my first ever custom bootanimation. It was a Call Of Duty bootanimation which perfectly matched a Call Of Duty Wallpaper and Green and Black theme that I had installed on my Droid X. Every time one of my buddies pulled out an Iphone to show off I would pull out my themed Droid X. I can remember rebooting my device just to show off my custom bootanimation. These days custom bootanimations are for my own personal enjoyment, but are just important to me.

Custom bootanimations are pretty easy to install. They come as custom recovery flashable zips, or you can simply replace your with the new one in your system/media folder. ACE38 has released a collection of over 100 bootanimations. There are custom bootanimatins for all taste and preferences there. The bootanimations are contained within a free app that you can download from the link below.

via XDA
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