[Download] Cut the Rope for Android

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Apr 23, 2010
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We've been waiting for this one for awhile and it's finally here - cut the rope for android, a terribly addicting game

download from GetJar and let us know what you think

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just installed on my girlfriends phone.... made her the happiest person in the world! hahah, Thanks
Running like crap and constantly crashing on my D1 running LGB 2.0
I love this game.
Have been playing for 30 minutes...

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Running like crap and constantly crashing on my D1 running LGB 2.0

Same on my OG Droid running SS 5.4.... gingerbread could be the culprit...?

Its running fine on my girlfriends Droid 2 (stock, unrooted)

Just flashed GPA15 and it's running good, no crashes at all. It's a little choppy but still completely playable, so I don't think it's GB. If anything, I'd say it a CM7 thing, being both roms are built off of that.

@Beardface- Download the Evo version.
For the thunderbolt, just go into your explorer and go to m.getjar.com, swype down and you'll see "quick download" and look for cut the rope. Its simple, just follow the on screen instructions.
its not gingerbread. my OG droid is unrooted froyo and it wouldnt work sooo...
Just downloaded and installed Cut The Rope on my unrooted Thunderbolt. What can I say? I loved this game on my brother's Iphone, and now I'm loving it on the Thunderbolt. Have played through the first few levels, and have not experienced any kind of lag or glitches during gameplay. The only lag I've noticed so far is during loading screens.